short story. A Zen Koan.

The Zen master's next meeting was with a New Yorker. "Master, I need your help. I need guidance. I'm living a life that I don't like and I wish it wasn't my own. I wish I was someone else. It's just clear to me that I'll never really be happy with myself. I'm envious of... Continue Reading →

Travel in Israel

It's been a pretty chaotic few weeks here in Israel. I've always wanted to come here and part of me can't believe I actually am here. My coach was with me in Italy, but here I'm alone. Having a coach helps on the court a ton, but what I forgot is that navigating a foreign... Continue Reading →

Israel ITF Futures

I played two tournaments here. I was initially scheduled to play three, but I dropped out of the last one. Well, I never got in. I'm #15 on the alternate list. I was planning on signing in and seeing if anyone dropped out, but truthfully I'm exhausted. First Tournament: Herzaliya, Israel I played a fellow... Continue Reading →

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