I have had a positive feeling in my body since this afternoon. Feeling so happy. Not sure what caused it and I’m not going to try to analyze. I’ll just enjoy it.

I hit with a friend today whom i met last week and i think i genuinely laughed hard for the first time in a while.

Today I came to the realization that I’m an elite player. I don’t have to prepare for a certain way the day before a match, or convince myself that i have confidence in my strokes on that day. I am the player I’ve always wanted to be. The way I see other players is the way others see me. I don’t have to do a certain action that day in order to be an elite player.

I am an elite player. My strokes are elite. My mental toughness is elite. The way I conduct myself is elite. I will succeed. I’m tired of seeing myself as someone trying to make it. I belong in these tournaments and I’m dangerous.

I used to gain confidence from being competitive with players who later went on to get a professional ranking. Now I’m nearly beating players who already have professional rankings. I’m ready to beat these guys.

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  1. Keep telling that story. In short time there will no longer between you and those words.

    Here, on lifetime loan to you is my tennis mission…..

    > To be an extraordinary competitor who plays, in competition, at the high end of my skill and talent. To love the competition more than I love to win and to accept whatever the outcome with dignity and class. To compete in the moment, avoiding past and future tripping. To compete for each point. To compete with effortless effort. To be non judgmental of myself. To enjoy myself. To be enthusiastic. To be forgiving of myself for my inability to achieve perfection. To see the perceived pressure moments as the sweetest moments. To have every match be an experience where I grow as a player and a person. To be Bob. > > >

    Bob Litwin 516/849-6155


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