I’m back home

^I’m glad I was color-coordinated with my outfit for the third set yesterday. I lost a heart-breaker on Saturday. A booty-shaker. A 3 hour war. I had chances to take the match, but it ultimately didn’t go my way.

I’m proud of myself. I can do better, but I could always do better. The dude that wins this tournament could have played better. But the bottom line is that I’m playing how I want to play. I am a different player from who I was three months ago at Bates. I’m happy to be at this level and it’s been a great couple months. As Woods my Bates assistant coach said, I’m having good results even though I’ve only played a handful of matches at this level.

I’m excited to rest. Whenever I take a week off, I start to get hungry to play tennis. To work on things that I’m not confident about. But, I’m excited to just be a NARP (non-athlete regular person) this week and eat some long island bagels. While traveling the last 8 weeks, I picked up ten books and haven’t read much of them. I have trouble just sitting still and not feeling guilty about relaxing, so maybe I’ll let the books stay closed.

I’m going to rest for a week, then practice for a few. In September I’m play 3 three futures in Sardinia, Italy. I’m pumped. #hawaiianshirtszn #zenmode

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