on paper

I just watched a video that gave me a real reaction. I suddenly figured out a path that I’m secretly interested. It dawned on me that I’ve always wanted to be a writer. It really encompasses everything I want to do in life.

I’ve been self conscious about my speech in the past and this plays a role as to while I’ve always preferred writing to speech. I have more time to think about what I can say and it’s not a live performance. Only in writing can I edit and perfect what I say. I think that’s why it appeals to me so much.

I would love to write books, for a lot of the same reasons I wanted to start this blog. But I have no clue what I’d write about. Tennis, mental health, something funny, chipotle, being tall? Definitely not the economy. Kinda got me excited; I’ll keep it stored in the noggin.

I secretly want to become a stand up comedian with some arid humor, but that’s scary af damn.

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