Social Media: Progress Not Perfection

I'm a perfectionist. I'm an all or nothing type of guy. I've mentioned this many times before. Many times when I'm not conscious of it, I'm not satisfied unless I do a flawless job. Anything less than what I could possibly achieve is a failure. I could have done better. That being said, I had a tiny... Continue Reading →

Last week in Italia

I've spent over two weeks in Sardegna (I'm using the Italian spelling because I'm feeling a little extra pretentious this morning), which is an island off the coast of Rome. I had a travel nightmare getting over here. The flight from NY to Rome was great. I didn't sleep one second of the over night... Continue Reading →

Let’s get lost in the sauce benny

Most players act like their tennis match is the most important thing in the world on the court. They're fighting, complaining, fist-pumping, and totally focused on what’s in front of them. I don't show a ton of emotion on the court and I have never really been able to do the last one specifically. It's... Continue Reading →

giving myself credit

tough parts of my lifestyle: I face failure literally every week and keep a positive attitude for your next match it's lonely. it's obvious that tennis is a lonely sport (no teammates and no coach on court) and it's also lonely off. I have my coach which helps a lot, but I'm not able to... Continue Reading →

fakin it

If I stop worrying about something after I tell myself that "worrying is pointless", am I fooling myself. Am I being fake to myself? I've heard that worrying is pointless, and every time I think of it, it makes sense. But I have trouble removing it. Along the same lines, I can show up to... Continue Reading →

on paper

I just watched a video that gave me a real reaction. I suddenly figured out a path that I'm secretly interested. It dawned on me that I've always wanted to be a writer. It really encompasses everything I want to do in life. I've been self conscious about my speech in the past and this... Continue Reading →

I’m back home

^I'm glad I was color-coordinated with my outfit for the third set yesterday. I lost a heart-breaker on Saturday. A booty-shaker. A 3 hour war. I had chances to take the match, but it ultimately didn't go my way. I'm proud of myself. I can do better, but I could always do better. The dude... Continue Reading →

Last Midwest Tournament

My last tournament in the Midwest! I won my first round match today. I beat a solid player who has ATP points, so if I ever needed proof that I'm good enough to get pro ranking, that was it. My dad's here to see the action live, which has been fun. We saw drag racing... Continue Reading →

On Ze Road in Decatur

I lost yesterday, but I did well. My main goal of staying in the heat of the battle was for the most part, successful.  I was able to stay in the present moment yesterday using two tactics: focusing on my game plan for just the first ball, and picturing what other professionals would behave like... Continue Reading →

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