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Defending An Unpopular Opinion: Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

It seems like many people support D1 basketball and football NCAA athletes receiving pay because their events generate so much ...
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short story. A Zen Koan.

The Zen master's next meeting was with a New Yorker. "Master, I need your help. I need guidance. I'm living ...
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The Mind Doesn’t Know Any Better

The mind is like a baby. A primitive, fetus-like, naïve consciousness in my head that gets addicted to anything it ...
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short story. A Debate Started With Beers, Lawn Chairs, and a Cause

It was a sign from God. Ted turned on the television and he was pleased to have tuned-in, just in ...
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Music is a Powerful Teacher

I'm starting to understand the importance of the present moment. I've read many articles and books on the present moment, ...
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Who am I?

Who am I? I am Ben Rosen I am a tennis player I outspoken fan of buffalo cauliflower I am ...
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