Let’s get lost in the sauce benny

Most players act like their tennis match is the most important thing in the world on the court. They're fighting, complaining, fist-pumping, and totally focused on what’s in front of them. I don't show a ton of emotion on the court and I have never really been able to do the last one specifically. It's... Continue Reading →

sleepless sessions. 11:12:41 PM.

constantly self critical. always analyzing his own behavior. he's constantly improving and forgets to enjoy himself right now. when he fixes this or adopts some trait that he thinks is better is when he'll be happy. The problem is that I am self-critical subconsciously. Or I'm aware of it, but it's like my default setting,... Continue Reading →

A Midwestern Checklist

I just left Champaign and am now in Decatur, Illinois. I've been practicing and living without Horacio for a few days now and...... I miss him. Having him behind me was not only good for the high-quality instagram content, but he would instantly help me if he saw something that wasn't 100% right. Honestly, now... Continue Reading →


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